Do you want to protect your assets from financial loss? Do you continually struggle against making bad financial decisions? Worry no more. With Global Asset Planning, you can start ahead in the game.

There are several steps to follow for maximum asset protection. They are:

  • - Avoid making disastrous financial decisions.
  • - Evaluate extended warranty decisions.
  • - Don't live beyond your means.
  • - Don't spend for products and services you don't need.
  • - Watch out for fraudulent schemes.

Asset protection, or debtor-creditor law, is a set of legal techniques and a body of common and statutory law. It deals with the protection of an individual or business entity's assets from civil money and judgments. Its goal lies in insulating assets without evading tax or resulting to concealment.

At Global Asset Planning, our strategies and solutions will give you an edge over your competitors. We impart successful strategies to help you save money and at the same time make more money.

Our company combines all the necessary elements of business, baking, the legal field, and cultural skills. We are the best option you can choose if you need a company specializing in local and international insurance and finance. We have a wide network of clients here and abroad.

Our services do not only encompass finances and business. We also include expatriation, FATCA, foreign annuities, asset protection, FBAR, foreign banks, amnesty, foreign entities, foreign life insurance, and IRA's. We have experience in offshore banking, offshore company formation, offshore accounts, and asset protection trust.

The Global Asset Planning team has experience in taxation, banking, law, and asset protection spanning more than 50 years. We have significant skill and expertise that helps us solve our clients' problems, usually regarding tax and estate issues, wealth protection, and litigation.

For more information and details regarding our company and services, please email us at or call us at (877) 283 1873.

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Clients say

"This is a great firm that helped me minimize my tax obligations while maximizing my international income . I recommend my friends to give them a call"
Edwin J. Morales

8 Things You Should Know About FBAR

If you are an American living abroad, in addition to filing your Federal income taxes you are required to file a report of your foreign bank accounts. This is done by filing a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts or FBAR....

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